Armin van Buuren and Jaguar XE

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During the Summer of 2015, Jaguar launched an event with the Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren in Ibiza to showcase the Jaguar XE. I worked with a team to develop initial concept ideas for the event, and later developed visuals for client presentation decks, the online (Facebook) user experience journey, and developed designs for the event space.

User Journey – Primary

With a team, I developed this user journey as it appeared in client presentation decks.
We had two different types of users, primary and invited. Primary users are led to the event Facebook page via external media drivers. After registering or signing in to Jaguar’s XE Circle, the user creates a team (Facebook friends who will join them if they win), and are given access to an exclusive Spotify playlist, which updates weekly until the event.




User Journey – Invited

Invited users are those chosen as members of a team from the Primary User. They receive an invitation via Facebook to register/sign up and create their own teams.


Event Space Branding

I also developed several concepts for the look of the event space on Ibiza, at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel.

Hotel/Reception – car stickers, flags, the reception area, and menu


Guests/event members – program, safety sheet, shirt


Miniclub – bar decals, floor decals, photo wall


Rooftop Area – decals for sofas in the general area and the VIP area, decals on the VIP area banner

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