Relias Learning UX Design Challenge

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Interface Design, Mobile App, UX Design

For this project, I was tasked with creating a mobile app based on Relias Learning‘s LMS, or learning management system. Relias allows companies in certain fields, such as nursing and adult care, to create training software for employees. The current LMS exists only as a desktop website. The challenge lasted for about 3 days, and the requirements for the mobile app were:

-to have the ability to log in using the same username and password as the desktop LMS,

-to be able to reset my password,

-to view upcoming training events in calendar and list form,

-to view training levels and what training I have completed,

-to take refresher courses (5 min courses on a topic I have already completed)

My users have on average a 10th grade education level, 20% of which have a college degree; 75% have English as a first language and 20% have Spanish as a first language and English as a second language; 80% of users do not use a desktop computer at home, but 90% use a mobile device.


Information Architecture



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