Bank of America ATM Interface Redesign

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Interface Design, UX Design

I was tasked with reworking the User Interface for Bank of America’s ATM. I wanted to increase the safety of the user by reducing the amount of time one has to spend at the ATM. This was much more than a visual redesign, and I delved into the UX of the interface, rebuilding the Information Architecture:

flowChartBeforefiller_babyThe current interface has too many steps for many transactions. There are also options, such as changing the user’s PIN, that seem too risky to do at an outdoor ATM. Changes like these would be better made using online banking or an app.

flowChartAfterfiller_babyI streamlined the various processes, and removed certain options that were extraneous.

I also worked on some visual redesign. I wanted an interface that looked more friendly. Larger buttons, automatically saved preferences, and the option to easily view balances all contribute to a more user friendly interface.

Enter PINfillerScreen1fillerScreen2fillerScreen3




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