The Distillery Bar & Restaurant

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Print Design

The Distillery is a bar and restaurant in downtown Savannah, GA. The establishment is named after the building itself, which was a distillery in pre-prohibition Georgia, later turned into a pharmacy. The current restaurant has the feel of a late 19th century saloon, complete with dark mahogany tables and bar. The exposed brick walls are adorned with vintage photographs of past owners and prescriptions for alcohol. Silent movies are often playing on screens throughout the restaurant.

I was tasked with redesigning some printed material. This included a menu, a beverage menu,  a tap list, and a promotional mailer. I drew inspiration for my color palette from the restaurant itself – dark brown, and cream instead of white. Despite the large amount of content, the information had to be legible in low lighting. Inspiration for the typography came from title cards of silent films.

The Menufiller_baby

jen-1fillerjen-2filler  jen-8fillerjen-9filler jen-7 fillerThe Beverage Menu

filler_babyjen-10fillerjen-11fillerjen-12fillerThe Tap Menu is a menu of 21 beers on tap. The Distillery changes this list every 5 days. I wanted to create a layout that was more easily redesigned than their current list.

filler_babyjen-13fillerjen-14fillerjen-15fillerThe Promotional Mailer is meant to be experienced outside the restaurant. The interactivity of the mailer mimics the motion of a silent movie, where an image is replaced by a title card. The mailer extends the experience of the restaurant while offering a call to action: 15% on the drink order when a “password” (reminiscent of speakeasy passwords) is spoken.

filler_babyjen-16fillerjen-17fillerjen-18fillerjen-19fillerjen-20fillerjen-21fillerjen-22fillerdistillery printed material


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