One Fish Two Fish Website

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E Commerce, Web Design

One Fish Two Fish is a home goods and accessories store in downtown Savannah, Georgia. The brand is hospitable and Southern, and I wanted to capture that in the redesign of their website.


Home Pagefiller_babyHome Page


About Pagefiller_babyAbout Page

fillerPress Pagefiller_babyPress Page

fillerShop Page Mainfiller_babyMain Shop Page

fillerShop Page 1filler_babyAn example of a sub-page in the Shop section.

fillerShop Page 2filler_babyThe header and side navigation are sticky, allowing ease of navigation throughout the site even while viewing One Fish Two Fish’s large inventory.

fillerShop Page 3filler_babyAnchor tags in the side navigation bring the user directly to that section of the page.

fillerPrintfiller_babyAn example of a product page.

fillerCartfiller_babyAn example of a cart page.

fillerCheckout Page 1fillerCheckout Page 2fillerCheckout Page 3fillerCheckout Page 3filler


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